Currently, I serve as an active member of the Volusia Association of Media Educators (VAME), Florida Reading Association (FRA), International Reading Association (IRA), Florida Association of Media Educators (FAME) and American School Librarian Association (ASLA) and the American Library Association (ALA). I am an Alummni of the University of Central Florida and of the University of South Florida. I have a masters in Library and Information Science and make it my goal to be a information literacy advocate. I aim to keep the possibilities of creativity, ingenuity and versatility open for students and teachers alike in my school and in the educational world.


Rogue baby is my four-legged
child whom I adore. She is a three year old
Boxer - Boston Terrier mix. Her name comes from the
X-Men star "Rogue" because of the lightning stripe in her hair.
She loves playing catch, swimming in the pool, chewing
on her toys, giving kisses and going to the beach.
Playing frisbee is her favorite game
because she gets to jump
high in the air.