Reading Counts

Grades 1-5 participate in the RC program which is accessed online. Kindergarten does not participate in RC. First grade only participates if student is proficient in beginning reading skills. Teacher should inform media specialist if they have a student who is not enrolled or needs to be given access.

Links to Reading Counts Internet Access:

Educator access: __http://vsam04:55880/slms/educatoraccess__

Student access: __http://vsam04:55880/slms/studentaccess__

Students are encouraged to visit the library often. It is suggested that students in grades 2-5 check out one Reading Counts book and one non-RC book. All RC books are aligned with Lexile levels and are labeled.

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"Scholastic Reading Counts! is an independent reading program for Grades K–12 which combines reading practice and software-based reading assessment. Instructionally flexible, mastery focused, and professionally written, SRC! is the program PROVEN to develop reading skills, help raise test scores, and motivate students to achieve reading success."

Exerpt retrieved October 3, 2012 from,
NOTE: Students are encouraged to read books with Reading Counts quizzes, but are not restricted to only these titles. The quizzes cover books of all topics, levels and genres. Questions on the quizzes serve as a reading comprehension check for the teachers and students. Students may take a test anytime in the media center or in their classroom at teacher discretion.
Happy reading and quizzing!