Create word clouds that take shape!! Easy to save as an image! Load any text to make your own tagxedo. create speaking QR Codes QR Joke.png

tp:// use this site to help you study. It not only creates flascards but also word puzzles and searches.
You can also download your study material to your iPhone or iTouch for on the go brain food! create "world clouds" to use as desired. Take a look at this wordle. (caution some archived wordles may be innapropriate)
Wordle: ABC's
Wordle: ABC's an online notice board maker- like sicky notes but better- no login required also works with GMAIL Did you know Crayola has a great calendar of events throughout the year with lesson plans, coloring sheets, books, etc.??? Well check it out!

Create a Fun art drawing tool to use.
Check out mine @

Make your own digital snowflake use this tool to create digital storybooks for free. is a online brainstorming tool you can use to create story or mind maps an online meeting/scheduling tool a collaborative multimedia slideshow tool where students can leave feedback to you or with each other


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How to use Goole Docs- Great tool if you do not have Microsoft Word at home.

Blogs- Here is a quick video about the potential of blogs. a cute blog editor- easy easy easy! ||

Free Images:

Microsoft Clip Art Online

Flickr-check out Creative Commons Agreement before use.